Regenesis Affordable Housing


Forming Community Space

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Regenesis was a group of four faith based congregations working together to provide affordable housing in north Mississauga. The group was committed to environmental sustainability using renewable energies including passive solar, geo-thermal and energy conservation with simply shaped, well-insulated buildings. 

Our study for the group looked at the massing of the buildings on the site and unit types. The housing was organized along streets and around parks to form coherent public spaces and create a strong sense of community. In one of the parks there was a small community centre so that the children within the community would have a nearby drop-in centre. The parks were open to the south with buildings on the other three sides to form warm, protected micro climates during the cooler seasons. The units were a mixture of back-to-back townhouses and apartments to provide a range of accommodation for singles and families. An important component in sustainable communities is the creation of strong community ties to encourage sharing of transportation, growing and preparation of food and caring for children and seniors.