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Momiji Seniors Residence


Renovations and Restorations to a Cherished Seniors Residence

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The Momiji seniors residence was built in 1987 by the Momiji Health Care Society, which was formed in 1978 to primarily serve seniors of Japanese-Canadian descent. We completed several renovation projects including common rooms, kitchens, garden pergolas.

Our major project was to renovate the former pool centre into an Elderly Persons Centre. The work consisted of removing the two swimmex pools and adjacent locker areas and converting them into a common room with the support spaces of kitchen, offices and washrooms.

The original building, designed by Roy Matsui, carefully interpreted traditional Japanese architectural motifs into a modern architectural style. We extended this design into the new centre through repetition of the custom designed light fixtures and cabinetry. The Japanese red maple tree painted by Hiroshi Yamamoto greets people at the entrance to the centre. Careful attention was paid to accessibility and the differentiating of surfaces for the elderly residents.

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