Houselink Community Homes


Integrating Supportive Housing into a Toronto neighbourhood


Houselink Community Homes is a non-profit housing provider which integrates supportive housing into Toronto neighbourhoods. With this turn-of-the-century home, there was an opportunity to build an addition that was equal in size to the original house while retaining the qualities of a large, old house

The shell of the house was kept and six apartment units were inserted into it. The addition contains eight units. The exterior of the existing house was restored and the addition was seen as a second gable to the house with matching brick and stonework to complement the surrounding homes and blend into the neighbourhood.

Mechanical systems and methods of insulation were chosen following analysis through energy modelling. Large, operable windows were included in all rooms to maximize daylight and natural ventilation. Six solar thermal panels were installed on the roof for domestic hot water. Existing trees were protected during construction and new trees planted to provide shade and cooling during the summer.

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