Seaton Village Renovation


Designing a Home around the Kitchen & Garden

1LivingRoomWindow EDITED.jpg

This project is the renovation of the first floor and back garden of a turn-of-the century house to provide an open, modern home that is connected to the outdoors. The homeowner loves to cook and entertain so the kitchen was placed at the centre of the home. Although the design is very open, each space is well formed through cabinets, wood screens and ceiling heights.

The consistent use of quarter-cut white oak cabinets in the living room, kitchen and dining room, provides a very calm feeling to the home. The space feels intimate because the design of the cabinets respond to the specific requirements of each room.

A large window and door were cut into the back of the house and a deck with large, low steps and a carefully formed garden provides an exterior dining area. The exterior wood finish is an environmentally friendly stain from a local manufacturer.

All of the windows are triple-glazed for energy efficiency and comfort. The wood flooring is FSC certified with an environmentally friendly oiled finish.

6ChinaCabinet EDITED.jpg
9GardenTable EDITED.jpg